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Graphic Design

The Oasis

Members of The Oasis hired me to design a logo that encompassed their mission. I design this logo with the intention of the “i” making an impact. Their mission is to make an impact and make an impact on the community they serve. 

This logo was used in various ways that helped impact the organization.

Raediate, LLC

Raediate is a new local record label that came to me looking for a logo to help represent their brand and the owner. The rose on the logo reflects a common phrase “a rose that grew out of the concrete”. The owner overcame cancer at the age of 21 and believes that he can overcome any situation or circumstance. 

“RAE” in Raediate is the first part of the owner’s middle name. He used the name Raediate because his mission is to shine line on darkness.

This logo was used in various ways to help impact the label.


With Realtor Nicole Ryans on the rise in local real estate, she has ventured out into an educational program designed to educate buyers and sellers of available real estate services/resources in the community. She named it “REALtor TALK” and includes Individuals who specialize in different areas of real estate services.

I created several flyers to help spread the word about this new program.

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